"Bern was recommended to us by a family member and we could not have been happier with her professionalism, knowledge and help in selling our home.  Any questions we had were answered quickly and fully.  She helped us through the whole process from beginning to closing and she goes well above and beyond for her clients.  It was a pleasure to work with her and we would have no qualms about recommending her to anyone."

~ John & Jane W

"Bern is excellent! She worked with us for 9 months as we searched for our perfect first home. She gives excellent advice and really helped to ensure that we found exactly what we needed. She was always prompt and quick to get us in to see houses of interest. She really goes above and beyond for her clients, it couldn’t have been a better first home-buying experience! We wholeheartedly recommend Bern for anyone buying a new home!"

~ Mallory W

"You helped me buy my first house with my wife back in 2009.  When I was ready to get into the investment game I came to you.  I knew the area I wanted and I wanted a condo.  You showed me every unit I was interested in and had some great insight about maintenance costs and design ideas.  The absolute best thing was all the time and energy you put in to dealing with the bank and condo assoc.  As the managing partner of my business I really didn't have time to deal with the little things that the bank needed.  You handled all of it!  If we needed something from the Condo assoc you got it.  If the bank was missing time tables you jumped on their back.  You even jumped on me if I needed to get something done by a specific time - which I appreciate.  Thank you so much.  I'm very soon about to get tenants in there and will likely come back to you this time next year."

~ Mike M

"I had the opportunity to be referred to Bernadette and it was the best referral by far.  Her professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market is outstanding.  Bernadette made selling a home the most simplest process ever.  If any questions did arise, she was always available to find the answers.  In this age of technology and fast pace world, it was great to have a wonderful person with you every step of the way.  Thanks again Bern!  We could not have done it without you!"

~ Jackie R

"After a whirlwind year, the time was finally right to start looking for our first home! We have had the good fortune of watching Bern work with at least a dozen of our friends, (both buying and selling their homes) so there was absolutely no question that we would be in good hands with Bern at the helm. Unsurprisingly, Bern exceeded all of our expectations!" 

"Bernadette Robinson is a genuine person and clearly passionate about her work and her clients. Buying our first home could have been scary and daunting, but Bern made the entire process smooth and even stress free!  Bern was always available to answer every single question, but more often than not, she provided answers before we even knew we had questions! There is no doubt that Bern's number one priority is her client's happiness and she will champion for you and guide you to make the best decision for you and your family." 

"She is very knowledgeable, professional and managed our expectations every step of the way. She found the perfect home, in a wonderful neighborhood that meets our needs and exceeded our wish list! We are loving having our very own home and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful woman like Bern in our corner. We wholeheartedly recommend Bernadette Robinson for any and all real estate needs."

- Kate and Ryan

"I don't even know where to start praising Bern -- we would never have made it through the home buying process without her. Through every viewing and walkthrough, whether the place had potential or was a disaster, Bern was a perfect advocate for us, pointing out what worked in each home and what wasn't worth pursuing, while also keeping us aware of issues we might not have thought about (such as resale value) - and being a straight shooter throughout. We were able to find the perfect place to suit our needs primarily because we knew Bern had our backs. Knowledgeable, professional, and personable, Bern was a joy to work with and an excellent guide through the occasionally daunting experience of being a first-time home buyer. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're looking for help buying a house, you couldn't be in better hands!"

- Jeff and Megan H 

"We first worked with Bern on renting our condo, then the following year selling it and another home to buy a bigger home all within a few short months.  Bern handled all aspects of these three listings professionally and efficiently. With Bern's help everything fell into place."

"Bern is easy to work with but also knows how to fight for you when she needs to. With her strong background and knowledge of local real estate, she was a true asset.  The most important reason we love and would recommend Bern is because of her sincere desire to make her clients satisfied. You will not be disappointed if you chose her as your agent!"

- Thomas Z

"Words cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Bern. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

"We are first time buyers and were guided the whole way through this crazy process with such care and professionalism.  We are so new to all this and are small beans but she never made us feel this way." 

"Bern understood the importance of getting us our first house and followed up on ALL angles possible to ensure that we would be able to attain our new home. She kept us informed, educated us on the process, and continues to follow up with us. I can't thank her enough""Bern gives 110%. She is all about integrity and excellence. Extremely detailed and patient and on top of all this, she is such a kind soul. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this.  She is undeniably the BEST at what she does."

- Aaron and Rebecca

“Last year I had decided to purchase a home. I am a divorced, single guy who found himself with adult children returning to the nest. I was in the beginning stages, just kind of floating in the market, open houses, etc. when I met Bernadette Robinson. We spoke a few minutes about what my needs in a home might be and she followed up with a nice e-mail and suggested a property or two. I began to find properties I wished to tour and she was absolutely wonderful in responding to my requests. She answered every question I ever had and was extremely attentive to me.  Bern was a pleasure to work with. She was never high pressure and never rushed me through any step of the process. Bern would explain everything as the deal progressed. I loved that, since I have had limited experience in real estate ownership. In the future, I would not hesitate to call on Bern, to work other real estate purchases, or sales. She has got to be one of the very best real estate agents in the area. I recommend to everyone looking to sell or buy real estate to sign up with Bern. I heard someone say once, “Phil, people don’t care how much you know, till they know, how much you care.” I believe Bern operates on this premise! I believe she cares about each and every person she works with. You are more than a business deal or a commission, to her - you are a friend!”

“Bern, I hope, that you have continued success. You have been so helpful, patient and kind to me, and my family.”

- Phil S

"My husband and I feel very fortunate to have Bern Robinson as our Realtor. Besides being an outstanding Realtor, Bern is the most patient person we know. She has always been available to answer our questions and has always looked after our best interest. We deeply appreciate her honestly and integrity. She is definitely a great person to work with. I strongly recommend her to anyone! We love our new home and have already begun work on the house! Thank you Bern for all you've done in making this happen for us!"

We mean every word.
- Mariela and Jim

"We wanted to thank you for your wonderful assistance being our realtor.  You made our first home buying experience such a breeze and a true pleasure.  Your gift was touching and will look great in our new home!"

"We are already loving our new home and the neighborhood and have already begun work on the house!  Thank you again for all you've done in making this happen for us."
- Christopher and Amanda

"The thought of selling and buying a house with two young children and a busy life seemed like it might be too big of an undertaking to handle...but Bern made the whole process work!  She was very helpful with everything from how to prepare our house for showings to the timely paperwork that is an important part of such a big transaction.  Bern was always responsive whenever we needed to schedule a showing, advice based on her past experiences, and even pep talks along the way!  At the end of the whole process we sold our house quickly with no surprises and are now in a new home that we love.  From start to finish Bern’s expertise was apparent and we would highly recommend her!!!"

- Love, Molly M.

"Bern worked with me to both sell my old house and purchase my new one. She introduced me to helpful resources, shared with me her extensive knowledge about the area and the market, and was very flexible with her time. She grasped the issues and complications unique to my situation and helped make the transition to my new home as easy as possible for me and my son. I would highly recommend her to anyone selling or purchasing a home."
                                                                                               - Dona

"My husband and I recently reached out to Bernadette to help us find our dream home.  She tirelessly showed us homes pointing out safety features and concerns along the way.  Mostly things we wouldn't have thought of.  She always had our family's best interest at heart.  She was always available to answer the many questions that we had.  We appreciated her honesty, integrity and patience while helping us find our "forever" home.  I can't imagine going through this life changing process with anyone else.  I'm glad we partnered with Bern and we will recommend her to everyone we know."

Love you!
- Pam & Tom

"My wife and I are were referred to Bern by a family member, and we both feel very fortunate that we called her!  When we first met, she laid out a plan to both sell our existing home and buy our future home that almost played exactly like she said it would.  She was extremely professional and helpful in every way, always available to answer any questions regardless of how big or small, and was great in helping us through the inevitable ups and downs of both selling and buying.  I cant say enough how awesome Bern was, always there to make sure we were comfortable and making the right choice and offering her honest opinion.  If we ever look to move again, there is no question as to who we will be calling and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bern to any friends or family."

                                                                                                             - Sean and Lauren

"Thank you for making the sale of my house go so smoothly.  Your dedication and attention to detail  were outstanding.  You said you would call every Wednesday to bring me up to date and you did.  I would highly recommend you to my friends."

- Millie R

"I was introduced to Bern a few years ago. She is not only an awesome realtor, but an amazing person as well. When we met, I was looking to get my daughter and myself out of my dad's house, I had very little money and few options. Bern sent me the listings available and took the time to show me a few places. In some of the houses, she helped me see the "issues" that were not obvious as well. She was genuinely concerned with my daughter's and my wellbeing. She would not let me talk myself into a place that would be in any way unsafe and convinced me to stay put a little longer. Jump ahead a few years, my boyfriend and I decide it is time to get a place together in Delaware County.. I said to Patrick, "I guess we have to find a realtor because the one I worked with before isn't down this way." We decided to look on-line and after a bit of a run around we had a realtor. The first day we met her I told Pat I wasn't thrilled and "I wanted Bern". Thinking we were stuck with who we had, I played the game a little. Long story short, it was horrible!!! I was in tears one Saturday morning because the realtor had basically stood us up. We wanted to be in a place of our own before school started and this lady was worried about her vacation and gave us such a run around! I knew with our budget we had to have a jump on the listings we could afford before someone else got them, Bern and I talked about that before. There I sat, in the middle of the bed, in tears, sobbing "if we were working with Bern, we would never have dealt with anything like this. I need her!!!" I e-mailed Bern right then asking if she knew anyone in the Delco area that could help us because I couldn't deal with it a minute more. As soon as I hit send I instantly felt better. I knew somehow, some way, that everything would be better because of Bern. In less then an hour, I was talking to Bern and lucky for me, she was able to not only help find someone, she was that someone!!! In a little over a week, we looked at more houses then we did with the other realtor in months and we found our new home! Thanks to Bern and all her help, knowledge, patience and understanding, we happily moved into our home at the end of July. I am so thankful to her and we are so happy with our decision. I am so glad that I reached out to her on that day!!! Thank You Bern, you are AWESOME!!!"

- Love, Mary, Patrick and Lexus

"Bern came highly recommended to us from a friend who recently worked with her.  Because this was my wife and my first experience buying a house together and because we were moving to a new state, we needed a little more hand holding, which Bern was great with!  Bern kept us on track, organized and motivated throughout the entire process.  We looked at over 30 houses and she was patient through each showing.  When it comes down to putting in an offer and signing the paperwork, you definitely want Bern on your side.  Bern's sincere enthusiasm and expertise made the entire experience enjoyable...which is not easy to pull off when buying a house." 

- Jason and Emily K

"Bern Robinson is the most outstanding, caring, patient and honest realtor I've encountered.  I've talked with other realtors before beginning my search for a place of my own and no one was honest as Bern.  She is not a realtor just interested in cashing in on a commission but she actually cares about you and your needs.  I honestly couldn't have done this entire process without her.  She always leads you in the right direction never once was there any doubt unlike other realtors who would just try to pull a fast one over you.  It's become a saying with my brother and I 'if that's what Bern says just do it'!"

- Glenda Q 

"No Comparison!"  Submitted by Eleanor K

"As a previous home seller, I can say there was no equality between my previous experience with another company and Bernadette Robinson of Keller Williams of Blue Bell, PA. I learned of Bernadette's great work ethics by "word of mouth".  From our first meeting she sat down with me and set out our entire plan.  Brought comparisons sheets of previous sales in my area.  All paper work and financial information was disclosed from the beginning.  Never was there any pressure, just proper guidance, during our three months of working together.  Whenever I had questions she responded almost immediately. She assisted me with any necessary remediators, who were excellent and fairly priced. Settlement, after a short time, " on the market", went extremely well,  with everything prepared in advance. Bernadette is very professional, personable, and truly well experienced in her aim to do the very  best for her client"

"Bern came to us highly recommended by our friends who had tried  several other realtors.  After working with her, it's not hard to  see why. Bern doesn't try to find you a house; she tries to find you  your house. She listened to everything we wanted, and when we went to look at a house that didn't match our needs she didn't try to force it.  When we did find houses we wanted to look at, she made herself available at the drop of a hat.  I haven't had the occasion to use another realtor and I don't think I ever will.  And if I have my way, none of my friends will ever use another realtor, either!"

- Keith and Clarissa

"Bern is a very trustworthy Realtor who really cares for the people she is working for. She goes above and beyond to make sure the house is ready for you to move in and keeps you up to date on all progress dealing with your home, nothing is ever left unsaid!!! We love her and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is ready to move!!!"

 - Marc and Jess

"We just want to thank you so much for all the work you have done getting us into our first house! We so appreciate your great communication and honesty throughout this process as well as how you shared your connections and just overall went above and beyond! We were so lucky to find you. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family and will be looking you up if we ever decide to sell!"

- Erica and Chris

"I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated all that you did. You really made my first home purchase a pleasant experience and I know how lucky I am for that! I wanted to add that I look forward to working with you the next time I am ready to buy a new home or sell my house."

- Krista

"Thank you, so very much, for everything that you've done for me during this entire house buying process. You were ALWAYS prepared when we met and always available to answer any/all of my questions. You walked me through every inch of the paperwork, step by step and made sure I had a thorough understanding of the entire process. Your level of knowledge and expertise kept me at ease and created a big win for the both of us. I appreciate your exceptional customer service and it was a pleasure having you as my realtor!"

- Christine

"We loved working with Bern and have recommended her to several of our friends. Her incredible knowledge and amazing personality helped guide us through both selling and buying a house in a tough economy. From the moment the For Sale sign went up, Bern was able to lead us through the ins and outs of what to expect, when to expect it and how to proceed. Despite the never-ending flow of questions we sent her way, Bern was always upbeat and provided us with an answer to every one. If we ever decide to leave our new house, there is not a doubt in our mind that she is the first person we would call for help!"

- Mary and Mike

"Bern recently helped us buy our beautiful new home. As first time home buyers, she guided us through the home buying process. Bern listened to all our requirements and gave honest advice for each property we saw. She was a pleasure to work with and will remain our contact for any future real estate needs. We highly recommend her!"

- Nichole and Chris

"Moving from the home I loved was a difficult, but necessary step in my life. My new home is over 300 miles away, so I wasn't there to keep track of all the pieces and requirements that go into selling a home. Bern was a blessing through the whole process, right up to the actual transfer of property. I appreciated her honesty, insight and willingness to go the extra mile to keep the process moving. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bern to anyone who is selling or buying a home!!"

- Jenny

"My experience with Bern as our realtor was in one one word: Calm. I was a first time home buyer but my husband was not. So I was very nervous and a little naive. Bern answered all my questions with ease and talked me through everything. She did all the hard work. We were under the gun because we sold our old house very quickly(6 days thanks to Bern) and we did not have a new house to go to! Bern took charge and got us house hunting fast.! She knew we were looking for that 'perfect' house and was not going to let us settle. Everyday she would send us a new listing. We saw a lot of houses! Finally, we found our house and Bern just knew it was the 'one'. Bern was always positive through out the whole experience . I loved her energy and her motivation. She took something that is usually a very stressful situation and turned it into a memorable experience. She is a true professional! My husband and I would recommend Bern to every person we know. Thank you so much Bern!"

- Renee and Jim

"A very positive buying experience...Bern's experience and professionalism lead us to our perfect home. Bern took the time to listen to us and was dedicated to finding a home that we both loved. She is extremely knowledgeable about real estate in our area and offered us individualized information on each and every property that we viewed; Her valuable insight made buying a home easier than we could have ever imagined. Bern took care of all of the details and walked us through each and every step of the process, from beginning to end--and even after! Bern is extremely warm and friendly and truly made us feel like family, we could not have asked for a more pleasant buying experience."

- Mary Claire and Jean

"A little over a year ago my partner Lisa and I were coming to the end of our lease and decided to stop renting and take the next step and buy a house. A good friend of ours recommended Bernadette Robinson. That was the single best piece of advice we have ever received. Before meeting Bern, we were very much in the dark on what buying our first home entails. It was a very confusing and scary concept. Bern was the most supportive person helping us every step of the way. The very first house we told Bern we wanted to look at didn't have a floor in the living room. Bern having not met us before that point said if you want let's check it out. We walked around the outside of the house and Bern asked us what we wanted in our dream home. She knew and we knew this wasn't the right fit for us. So, Bern went to work and found us plenty of options (all with floors) that had the qualities we were looking for. With all these choices, Bern never complained even when we wanted to look at more than 20 houses in one day. She not only showed us the houses but educated us on the house buying process. She would tell us everything from how to gauge the age and quality of shingles on the roof to what radon system we would need. She was always honest with us which was very reassuring. When it was time to start getting our information done for our mortgage she again did an amazing job pointing us in the right direction. Throughout all of our constant bombardment of emails and phone calls with questions regarding all sorts of things she would always answer all the while never making us feel like we were being an inconvenience. This still continues till this day, almost a year later. We will find ourselves emailing Bern when any house question or issue arises."

"With out any doubt in my mind she would be the first and only person we would recommend to anyone looking for a home. We don't look at Bern as just our real estate agent, she is a trusted friend and when it comes time to look for our second house we look forward to working with her again."

- Lisa and Sara

"We walked into our first home purchase unsure what to expect from the whole process. We weren't sure if we wanted a town home or a stand alone home. We didn't know what neighborhood we really wanted to live in. We didn't even know exactly WHEN we were going to be purchasing! Throughout the whole process we can say with absolute confidence that you were the glue that held everything together. From neighborhood and property suggestions to just simple insight into what sellers are thinking (and more importantly, what we, as buyers, SHOULD be thinking). I can absolutely attest to your knowledge of the real estate market, the buying and selling process, and most importantly, your desire to help Jillian and I find the perfect home! We truly consider ourselves blessed to have found someone as caring and professional as you, Bern. Thank you so very much for all you've done for us. Rest assured that anytime a friend or colleague asks for a realtor recommendation you will be top of mind!"

- James and Jillian

"Just a little something for all your help, expertise and advice. You have been extremely patient and I could never picture myself working with another realtor. We will certainly keep in touch. I will probably call you in the next five minutes!"

- Chris and Kristina

"Hi Bern. Thank you so much for all your hard work and all your time and dedication you have given to us for over the past 2 years in this process. It sounds crazy, but walking into our new house today, Lou and I both said it already feels like home. We are so excited to move in and start making our family memories there and continue to improve and make it ours. I know this wasn't the most fun due to issues with the parties involved, so thank you for always looking out for us and having our backs to make sure everything went smoothly."

- Noelle

"The new house is great.  We finally moved in on Saturday and the place is a disaster, but I am hoping to get a good bit of unpacking done this week. We love the neighborhood and, in the end, I am so happy we didn't move out to Collegeville or beyond.  If we had moved anywhere that I would have needed to use 422, I'm certain we'd be regretting it already.  The neighbors that we have met so far all seem really nice too and most of them seem to have all lived there for 30 or 40 years!  Even the dogs seem to love the house.  I haven't seem them so happy and relaxed since before we started packing up the old house.  Thanks again for doing such a great job - especially for your eagle eyes spotting the house and sending me a note about it on a Saturday morning!  I will continue to recommend you to whoever I know who is even thinking about buying or selling a house."
- Jen and John 

"I felt you were caring and honest with all the things you did to make the sale of my home go smoothly.  You always put my feelings and needs first and were very sincere with the support and help you gave.  You have a warm nature and treated me like family.  Thank you for everything and I owe you lunch!"
- Rudy

"Bern was recommended to us by a coworker and truthfully my husband and I were still deciding on which two of the realtors to work with, on our list. However, Bern was very prompt in our communications and so open that we decided to choose her as our realtor and we don't regret it one bit! As first time home buyers we had no clue what to look for but Bern was very honest and shared her thoughts on the properties we saw. She made the whole buying process so effortless. Thank you so much for your patience with us and we love our first new home!! We highly recommend Bern to our friends and family looking to buy or sell a home!"

- Jason and Kristine

“Your diligent follow up with the seller and me and the buyer has led to a successful agreement that satisfies us both in a very difficult market. Thank you with my highest regard for your professionalism that far exceeds any agent I have met and worked with on past in depth for financial agreements and transactions."

- John and Loma

"Bern was an amazing agent to work with. We never felt pressured to buy or rushed to make any decisions during the entire time we worked with Bern. In our house hunt, we ultimately decided to go the route of new construction. Bern was there for us to answer questions and helped us understand the new home buying process. Bern gave us advice on upgrades, letting us know if we were making thoughtful investments, or if we could add some of the suggested features on our own. We were very thankful to work with Bern; in fact, we have referred three family members to her. Two of our family members have purchased homes with Bern and one is currently looking for homes with Bern. We could not have felt more secure through our first home buying experience. Thanks Bern!"

- Denise and Michael

"We had Bernadette as our realtor in searching for our first home. Our house searching process took several months, but Bernadette made it a great experience. As a young family with a conservative budget, we were new to the process and she happily led us through it. She was not only a realtor, but we felt like she was a new friend. She did extensive searches, met with us at our convenience, and went to many homes, never seeming exhausted by us. We never felt like we were asking too many questions, she was always willing to answer them, and was always only a phone call or an email away! She really worked for us when we put in our offer and is passionate about being as helpful as possible for her clients (or as we like to think, her new family members!). We plan on staying in our home for several years, but we would definitely use her as our future realtor and anytime anyone would ask us for a reference of a realtor, we would highly suggest Bernadette!"

- John and Ashley

"Ron and I would like to thank you for working with us on our relocation from NJ to PA. You were so helpful and patient, taking us to so many showings until we found the perfect home! Our offer/contract and closing processes were flawless. You negotiated well on our behalf and let us know what to expect every step of the way. We really appreciated your advice and support. We loved working with you and will recommend you to all our friends!"

- Sandy and Ron

"Look no further. Bern was the most kind, professional, caring realtor one could ever ask for. I have had the opportunity to work with many agents in my line of work and Bern is second to none. She made our home buying experience smooth and enjoyable. I have referred and will continue to refer her to everyone I know!"

- Amy and Steve

"Thanks again for everything! That personalized container is beautiful, and we really enjoyed working with you. I don't think our lives have ever been so crazy with a little baby and house showings and getting ready for the new house, so it was great to work with someone who was so responsive and informed. I was a little nervous and stressed over each step of the process, including settlement, and you even made that a lot of fun. I will hang onto your cards for anyone I know that is moving."

- Keri

"We began to look for a place that was close to my parents and both of our workplaces. We started looking in late August and by the end of September we made an offer on a condominium in Collegeville. The seller accepted our offer (thanks to our great agent - she was the best!) and we closed the Monday after Thanksgiving."

- Craig and Michelle

"First of all, thanks again for everything. I know you think you're just doing your job, but I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and you just made it SO EASY. We will most definitely recommend Aunt Bern to everyone!!!"

- Leslie

"Bern-Thanks for making another real estate transaction painless."

- Mike and Staci

"Joe and I want to thank you for being THE BEST at what you do. You made this a pleasurable experience and we ended up with our dream home! We truly appreciate all you have done."

- Cara andJoe

"Thank you for all the help with Matt's house purchase. It's so much fun to see how he's settling in. You helped to make a painful process so much easier and we thank you for watching out for him."

- John and Deb

"Thank you so very much for all your help and support searching for a home...and eventually building our very own new home! We could never have done this without you. Our home is slowly coming together amidst our busy schedules.

We love it! They finished our yard last week, so we try to water it as much as possible. And...our first furniture purchase (family room couches and tables) looks amazing. The lovely blanket you had made for us matches it perfectly! Thanks again for all your hard work and generosity. We only hope that someday one of our friends/coworkers will call you to help them too. We're spreading the word for you!!"

- Erin and Michael

“Since the 1940's, my very favorite saint has been Bernadette Souberous. Imagine my amazement when Jenny said her realtor's name was ...! It became a terrestrial - celestial race to see which Bernadette would sell 212. Our whole family is very impressed with your reliable work towards the sale. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors."

- Kathy

"Bern, you were amazing! From Day 1 when you helped us stage the house through handling our entire closing after we had already moved, you always put us first. Thank you for all the hand holding, especially when trying to price our home. We could not have survived the nerve wracking process of contract negotiation and closing without you. You were great with how you gave us sound advice and helped us meet our needs of selling our home quickly. We couldn't have received better care. I hope all realtors have not only your incredible work ethic, but your true caring nature for your clients. Your name will always be on the tip of our tongues when someone needs to find a realtor."

- Julia and Daniel

"You are truly amazing! Thank you so much for all your help in selling 410 South Trooper Road. I can’t believe what a small world it really is. The fact that you already had sold two homes to a neighbor and he ended up being the one to purchase ours is amazing! I really believed that house would be still sitting a year from now. Additionally, my sister and I had a lot of fun going to see the condo properties with my brother that you showed us a few months ago. You helped us find him the perfect place. Just know – that if I ever decide to sell my home in Lansdale – you will be the first person I call"

- Sandy

"Bern, you're great! Thanks for setting up all the showings and sticking with my indecision for 2 years."

- Keith

"We were very happy to have you represent us again as our agent. It was an extremely stressful time for us with the market the way it is and to go through having our house up for as long as it was and trying to decide if we should build or go with resale. The whole time, you were patient with us, answered all our questions, helped in any way you could, and made the process much more bearable. There were many times we wanted to throw in the towel, but you were there for us helping along the way. Then when we decided to go with new construction, you came through again helping us navigate something we were completely unfamiliar with. You handled a difficult agent for us and we were very grateful for that! In the end, everything was worth it and now we are in our dream house-if we didn't have an agent who supported us the way you did, I'm not sure we would be where we are now!"

- Noelle and Lou

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